• Vimāna

    Dimensional Reality: Tathagata
    Ruling Party: No central rule
    Leader: Alcala (unofficial)
    Capital: Planet Hai, Astoria System, Dez Galaxy
    Known Systems: 42
    Living Planets: 17
    5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete
    Evolutionary Stage: Complete
    Known Species: 1.2 Billion. DominateVimāna -vāsin (meaning dweller in Vimāna.)
    Languages: 4.2 Million
    Special Units: Dhyananibuddhas

    The Vimāna –vāsin is a general term used to define a small collection of species who have come to dominate the Vimāna realm of existence. The realm achieved the formation of planets roughly 50 million years after the Great Expansion. First life developed at roughly 100 million years. Rich in vital resources the various species developed rapidly growing civilizations. They passed knowledge freely for a period developing vast libraries and universities.

    Warfare came to dominate their world as the first of the great dynasties was born. Fighting for control of the known realms the great dynasties destroyed much of their civilization.
    It was a Gawazaii invasion that ultimately united the Vimāna –vāsin. On the brink of defeat at the hands of the Gawazaii forces a student turned warrior, Ak Obhya zZen converted his physical form to pure energy. The ensuing explosion repulsed the invading Gawazaii forces, saving his species from slavery.
    The surviving Vāsin rebuilt their civilization establishing schools dedicated to their savior Ak Obhya zZen. His teachings allowed the Vāsin to master the five common forces of existence and achieve evolutionary perfection.
    The Vāsin have been active in Idam since early in mankind’s history, hoping to deter the influence of the Gawazaii.

    Acala Bashir (Ak Obhya zZen)

    Tathagata – (= the perfect ones) – The ruling council of the Vimāna-vāsin

    Dyaus pitar The Guardian

    Prithivi/Avenger, Susanoo (Thunder) ,Waralden Olmai (Dragon), Vaisravana/ Dark Star, Tia-yi of the 9 palaces/ Nova, Tarini the rising star/ Champion – “She who delivers” also”, “Star” Sumbharaja/ Ion - Guardian of the madalas, Vasudhara / The Redeemer