• The ruling council of the Vimāna-vāsin. Literally translating to "the perfect ones" represent the 9 first generation immortals of the realm. The first were Dyaus pitar and his consort Prithivi who were the students of Ak Obhya zZen the savior of the Gäwazaii War circa 4.1009 a.g.e..

    Dyaus and Prithivi were joined by former rival Waralden Olmai spreading the teachings of their master throughout the realm and searching for the 6 remaining first generation immortals. The Tathagata have served as the guiding force of their realm of existence. They have fostered alliances with the Alanday Collective, The Oirey Them and have been active in Idam since the 2nd Gawazaii incursion.

    Dyaus pitar/ The Guardian, Prithivi/Avenger, Waralden Olmai (Dragon), Vaisravana/ Dark Star, Tia-yi of the 9 palaces/ Nova, Tarini the rising star/ Champion, Sumbharaja/ Ion, Vasudhara/The Redeemer.