• Prime

    Dimensional Reality: Prime Jina
    Ruling Party: UnKnown
    Leader: Ego Prime
    Capital: Planet Idi, Prime 9 System, Ethos Galaxy
    Known Systems: 1.2 Billion
    Living Planets: 10,349
    5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete
    Evolutionary Stage: Complete
    Known Species: 400Million
    Languages: 1
    Special Units: The Guardians

    The dimensional existence Prime Jina came into being in the first phase of the Great Expansion. Life appeared at 3 million years a.ge (after great expansion). The dominate species, the Prime developed at an accelerated rate do to higher concentrations of comic radiation present during their development taking them from single celled organisms to evolutionary perfection in just over 2 billion years.

    Planet Lilla-Dur, Opus Ki System

    The Prime have accessed each of the 7 other known realms, finding a kinship with the Oirey whom they regard as siblings. The oldest an most powerful of the 9 Realms they have typically regarded themselves as the ultimate authority in all existence intervening in the various realms at their choosing.

    The Prime limit outside contact so little is known about their culture and history.. First Civilization and Language 1.2 Billion years A.G.E.
    Deep Space Colonization 1.3 Billions Year A.G.E.
    Evolutionary Perfection 2.4 Billion years A.G.E.
    Known Citizens: Ego Prime