• King Odäne Alzäeus

    Odäne was born the 7th child of King Unthur Hedio Alzaeus who was the first ruler of the United Empire of the Titan Major System. As was standard with the children of the royal family Odäne was sent to Hina, a small system of planets on the outskirts of the galaxy.

  • Andraste Kasia

    Andraste Kasia is first generation Gawzaii immortal born to parents of some prominence. During the rebellion led by Odane Alzäeus and his brother Donbittar against the throne Andraste proved to be a valuable ally as her elite Waelcyrge won impressive and crucial victories over Unthar’s troop.

  • Falcon Rohn

    Elijah Amir Rohn was adopted by a young married couple Eli and Lynn Rohn at 3 mos of age. Eli had been a prize fighter and Lynn a high school English teacher. Little in known about Falcon’s past prior to this point.

  • Avenger

    Legal Name: Avenger 
    Age: 2.332 Billion year
    Height: (in energy form) variable; (in armored form) 2.012 meters 
    Weight: (in energy form) n/a; (in armored form) 231.1960 kg
    Hair: Teal (projection) Eyes: Gold (projection)