• Os1

    Dimensional Reality: Os1 (also Mecha, Machine World)
    Ruling Party: The Central Intelligence
    Leader: The Central Intelligence
    Capital: n/a
    Known Systems: UnKnown
    Living Planets: 14.3 Million
    5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete
    Evolutionary Stage: Complete
    Known Species: 213 Billion
    Languages: UnKnown
    Special Units: The WarMachine, Vipes

    The dimensional plane of existence known as Os1 came into being during the second phase of the Great Expansion. Life developed within 200 millions years. Rich in Osomite and metals the realm produced a variety of mechanical life forms. The life forms thrived under the leadership of a being called the Builder, who enhanced their highly adaptable bodies to take better advantage of their surroundings.

    The simple creatures quickly developed into larger more powerful creatures, evolving into rudimentary Techno-beings in 700m a.g.e. As their size and complexity grew so did their demands for energy sources. As the various species of Techno-being grew more protective of the limited available resources the realm would experience it's first galactic warfare in 899.191m a.g.e..
    The Resource War, as they were chronicled by DaDura of the Oirey, ended in 1.3b a.g.e. with the release of the Virus. The New Order was established in 1.4b with centralized rule solidified under the Central Terminal.

    Guided by central rule the species evolved at an accelerated rate developing E-Particle and Nil-Particle mastery in 1.539b and complete energy independence with a few hundred years after. They would master G-Particle, M-Particle and B-Particle in 2.6B a.g.e and evolutionary perfection in 2.3 with the emergence of the Series 4. The Central Terminal, now the dominate consciousness in it's existence evolved into the Central Intelligence in 2.4B.
    Known Inabitants: The Central Intelligence, Siruis, Omni M4.3