• Idam

    Dimensional Reality: Idam
    Ruling Party: No central rule
    Leader: n/a
    Capital: (unofficial) Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy
    Known Systems: 123,765
    Living Planets: 4,000
    5 Disciplines Mastery: Incomplete
    Evolutionary Stage: Incomplete
    Known Species: 8.7 Million
    Languages: 6,500
    Special Units: Navy Seal, M.I 6, Shaolin

    The realm of existence known as Idam came into being in the 3rd and final phase of the great expansion approximately 13.Billion years ago. Planetary formation first occurred circa 8.801B a.g.e.

    Singled celled organisms first appeared on Planet Mira (Andromeda Galaxy) in 9.011 a.g.e, and on Planet Earth (Milky Way Galaxy) approx1 3.231B.
    The Gawazaii war machine discovered Idam and attempted to conquer it’s most advanced world, the Planet Mira. The Humanoids of Mira fought a bloody battle using the limited technology in their possession. In an attempt to repulse the bulk of the Gawazaii forces they unleashed an untested nuclear weapon that ultimate destroyed the planet and most of it’s living organisms.
    The massive loss of life rallied the intervention of the Vimana, Alanday and Prime Jina. The three species, behind the power of the Prime ,would force the weakened Gawazaii army into a Treaty of Non-Interference, designed to allow undeveloped Worlds to develop unhindered.

    Sentient life would later evolve on Planet Earth(12.743B). The Gawazaii, still determined to control the realm presented themselves as Gods to the fledging human using worship as a way to control the planet’s development. They have been aided by the Daemons and opposed by the Alanday and the Vimana who have both worked to free mankind of Gawazaii influence.