• The Gawazaii Ruling Family (Ruling Elite) represents the 9, 1st Generation Gawazaii Immortals and the last stage of evolutionary perfection for their species. King Unther Alzäeus, the realms first Emperor had lead the way for genetic experiments in efforts to accelerate the process. Unthar himself would father 4 of the 9 through various means.

    Upon reaching adulthood the 9 Gawazaii Supreme rebelled against Unthar deciding it was their destiny to rule. Unthar was slain by his two oldest sons Odäne and Donbittir. Though the Empire was The Citadeldivided equally among the 9, Odäne's blood ties and marriage to Sauska would give him the hold to throne.

    Under Odäne's rule the Gawazaii Empire has expanded into foreign realms occupying a large section of the Deamos Realm (5.23B-6.689B) , and the Vimana Capital (4.201B-4.423B). They have continued the expansion of their empire focusing on the undeveloped realm on humans (Idam).