• The Eden Foundation for Religious Tolerance

    Established: July 14, 1971
    Headquarters: Athens, GA – United States
    Mission Statement:
    The Eden foundation is dedicated to building bridges of communication among the various religions of the world. The protection of existing religious beliefs against hostile government and military powers is the primarily goal of this organization.
    The Eden foundation pursues an almost fanatical belief in an extra terrestrial life form as the creators of life on Earth. The group is heavily funded by several benefactors including the Roman Catholic Church, The Church of Latter Day Saints, and the Islamic Coalition.

    Primary Officers:
    Dr. Hans Vincent Sigel
    Merrium Bloom
    Sir Albert O’danor of Monrovia
    Weland Heff
    Angelica Campo

    Regional Officers:
    Callie Booker – Trinity and Faith Baptist Ministry

    West Pacific Bank and Trust, Carthy Ridge University, The One Group for Unity, Trinity and Faith Baptist Ministry, Spencer Fundy Christian Academy, Eastern Rite Church, Roman Catholic, The Islamic Coalition.