• Falcon Rohn

    Legal Name: Elijah Amir Rohn
    Age: 34
    Height: 6’ 2” Weight: 215lbs
    Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
    Occupation:Professional Prize Fighter, Bounty Hunter
    Known Aliases: The Falcon
    Martial Status: Single
    Known Affiliations: Former Member Woo-ree-jip Crime Family, The Warrior Way, Team Falcon
    Known Relatives: Eli Rohn (adoptive father) , Lynn Rohn (adoptive mother) , Faith Booker (biological mother, deceased) , Callie Booker (Grandmother), James Booker (Grandfather)
    Strength Class: 8

    Super Human Abilities: Falcon Posses several super human traits derived from his body’s ability to manipulate his life energy. His reflexes are twice that of a world class athlete and he posses the strength of a man twice his size and weight. His body also harnesses his energy to accelerate his body’s natural healing process. The more Falcon learns to focus his bodies near limitless energy the more powerful he will become.

    Special Skills: Falcon posses the skills of a world class boxer. Over the years he has also become proficient on various forms of martial arts. Falcon is also an excellent marksman.

    History: Elijah Amir Rohn was adopted by a young married couple Eli and Lynn Rohn at 3 mos of age. Eli had been a prize fighter and Lynn a high school English teacher. Little in known about Falcon’s past prior to this point.

    A precocious yet talented child Falcon excelled as a two way athlete starring in football and basketball. Despite some early brushes with the law he managed to earn himself a football scholarship to the University of Southern California.

    He excelled at the cornerback position and was a projected as a top 5 pick in the NFL draft. Two weeks before the draft Falcon and his friend BD Givens were shot while completely a drug deal for a quantity of marijuana. BD was killed; Falcon survived but sustained injuries to his right knee and shoulder. He would serve 18 months in a California State prison.

    Upon his release Falcon began working for a former coach who was now a bail bondsman. He supplemented his income by competing in underground fighting leagues. It was there that he was approached by former high school and college rival Jerrod Knight. Jerrod was now working in sports management. He convinced Falcon to sign with his small firm, entering Falcon in a new global fighting league the Warrior Way. Falcon and Jerrod formed the Falcon Fight team, hiring noted mixed martial arts trainer Iowa Judane and Falcon’s neighbor videographer Aaron “Prime Time” Strother.

    Falcon proved to be a flashy polarizing fighter, Jerrod utilizing his knowledge of advanced media and global marketing quickly built him into a rising brand. His rapid rise to fame brought the attention of the High Evolutionary who have recently brought him in for testing.

    Weapons: None
    Accessories: None